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PLENTY-LIFE at Agriplanta 2024

PLENTY-LIFE team participated as an exhibitor at Agriplanta 2024, held from May 23-26 in Fundulea, Romania, showcasing a range of innovative projects, including the PLENTY-LIFE project. Agriplanta, a key event for Romanian agriculture since 2011, spans over 36 hectares and features field exhibitions, demonstration plots, and live machinery demonstrations.

PLENTY-LIFE focuses on developing a holistic integrated spatial and energy planning (HISEP) methodology for small and medium-sized cities and towns (SMCTs). This approach aims to help cities achieve carbon neutrality by 2030/2050 through sustainable energy strategies.

Agriplanta offers farmers access to high-quality equipment and successful models of usage, fostering innovation and sustainable practices in agriculture. For more information on our projects or to get involved, visit us at future Agriplanta events or contact us directly.