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EU Green Week 2024

This week is taking place the EU #GreenWeek “Towards a Water Resilient Europe” campaign, sparking a continent-wide conversation about water management and sustainability. The campaign highlights the critical role water plays in our ecosystem and the urgent need for collaborative solutions to ensure water resilience. The PLENTY-LIFE project is closely following the webinars and discussions, recognizing the importance of water management in the context of our own objectives.

While PLENTY-LIFE primarily focuses on integrated spatial and energy planning (HISEP) to help small and medium-sized cities and towns (SMCTs) achieve carbon neutrality, we understand the essential role water plays in this process. The holistic approach of HISEP aligns with the themes of the Green Week, integrating energy planning with other development sectors, including water management. The insights gained from this week will inform our continued efforts in empowering cities with comprehensive, sustainable strategies for the future. Join us in following the EU Green Week as we collectively work towards a greener, more resilient Europe.